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the FUN destination for you and your dog!
Warwick, NY

About Us


For over 25 years we have been training dogs in various arenas.  We focus on developing each dog’s natural abilities and potential by building confidence and teamwork through motivation, and consistency; setting attainable standards, and practicing success over time. 

Respecting the dog and its welfare while building a trusting bond through cooperative FUN, rewards us with the most enjoyable working relationships with our canine partners. 


When we first moved to Warwick 20 years ago, we built a ¾ acre technical pond, as much of our training focused on teaching dogs to love water and working with us in and around water. We needed our dogs to be honest and responsive in the water, even at great distances, and even in the face of compelling distractions, when they had to override their natural instincts. From 5 week-old puppies, to white-faced seniors, we have enjoyed countless unforgettable experiences with wet dogs!


Dock Diving has added even more fun to our games - letting the dogs launch themselves into the water for the sheer joy of it! So many of our sports require intense technical training, expensive equipment, and driving miles and hours to find safe and accessible places to train. Steep entry fees, and competitive elimination contests often don’t allow teams to gain the experience they need to progress at a rate that they’d like. In Dock Diving, dogs succeed at their own level of natural ability which can be enhanced through teamwork and practice. As with any type of training, the trainer/handler plays a leading role. Each success allows our dogs to become increasingly confident and driven around water, and builds on their natural abilities through positive experiences. 

Like the old joke-How do you get to Carnegie Hall? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! 

Getting Here

Splash Town K9

115 Sanfordville Rd., Warwick, NY 10990, US