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Warwick, NY


Dock Diving / NADD

 If your dog loves to chase, grab or retrieve, is toy motivated, and likes water, Dock Diving will be a day at the beach! If your dog has little or no water experience, no problem! We will help you introduce him to water in a gradual, safe and positive way, encouraging him to enjoy the experience of floating and swimming before they confront the water from the top of the dock. Once they GET IT, they can’t get enough!

You can approach this sport with your own agenda, and with whatever mindset you enjoy. If you just like to chill and have fun with your dog, that is the road you can take, even at official events. Your dog succeeds on his own ability, through your teamwork. He does not have to meet a standard, or beat other dogs to earn ribbons or titles. He just has to do what he loves, and make a splash! And you get to delight in his joy. 

If you love the intricacies of training, love to perfect technique with your canine partner, and love to enhance motivation and drive, you can find all the challenge you seek in the sport of dock diving! 

Keep your eyes on the road ahead and watch for signs that offer new vistas for you and your dog. Visit us often for upcoming schedules of events and fun opportunities. 

Even if your dog has never jumped, you can TRY IT at most NADD events. For only $10, you have the opportunity to get on the dock and have someone help you and your dog experience what the fun is all about. You will be back for more!

Visit the NADD website

For complete information about the organization, rules, events, and other news. Register your dog with NADD (very easily online for a one time $35 fee) and be ready to jump into action at the next event.